*Hello You Pineapple July*

So, I guess this is a start over…

Well, it’s Summer. everyone’s on vaccay or something, having fun getting a tan finding a summer lover, going to festivals and getting absolutely drunk on colourful cocktails (or in my case just plain vodka on the rocks!)

Than I thought, while tiresomely trying to get a tan on a cloudy day: “Why not start fresh, babe?”

So here we are!

And to welcome you, I will not fill a whole page with words but with beautiful, fresh, suculent and the most absolutely delicious trend of this Summer: PINEAPPLES!

Give me anything Pineapple, any day! I’m so in love with this trend (and so everybody else, it seems) that I’m starting to believe that I can’t no longer live without it! I’m even thinking of builing a whole house made of pineapples with a pineapple shaped toilet, a wardrobe filled with pineapple pattern clothing, pineapple hats and shoes and food… Ok, enough, you got the message.

With no further ado… There you go!

See ya next time!

Pineapple -S

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